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Paddling season is the whole open water season, beginning in April until November.

The Service Centre is open daily in June, July and August 10am-6pm, and in other times upon agreement.

The shop of paddling gears is open 24/7/365.

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Savutuvan Apaja



Isojärvi National Park

Northern Tour (Kyyjärvi-Saarijärvi-Laukaa-JKL)

North-West Tour (Konnevesi-Laukaa-JKL)

UNESCO-Tour (Petäjävesi-Jämsä-JKL)


Keitele Channel Tour

White Water Tour

Canoe Polo


To the peak of Palstonvuori a two kilometer long path takes us from the Teerilahti shelter. The selter is around 10 km on water from the centre of Jyväskylä. Before leaving to the uphill, it is worth filling stomach with the lunch, and after the hiking the dessert gives power to the way home.

Group Size: 10-20 people (min->max)
Length: 8-10 hours (17 km)
Technical demand: easy
Physical demand: fair
Price: 55-85 €/person