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Paddling season is the whole open water season, beginning in April until November.

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This river tour offers real experiences in nature. The 70 km strech from Kuttura to Ivalo, through Hammastunturi Wilderness Area is decorated with dozens of rapids. This region was the secene of the Finnish Gold Rush, on the end of the 1800's. Paddling and hiking days altering, and only you and the nature is around. You must forget many city life things, like mobile phone, but don't miss sauna and may experience something other. Overnights we spend mostly in wilderness huts and shelters, but tent is in use as well. The tour is also suitable for beginners with guide.

Ivalojoki Tour Map

Group size: 5-8 people (min->max)
Length: 8 days
Technical demand: middlevel
Physical demand: fair
Price: 780 €/person (incl: travels betveen Jyväskylä-Kuttura and Ivalo-Jyväskylä, Paddling equipment, daily three meals, guidance on water and on land, overnights in wilderness huts, where possible.)

Information for Self-guided tours

Ivalojoki is a great river to paddle on your own group, if you have previous experience in canoeing. We hope that you are aware, the nature is not a designed theme park, to be used by inexperienced passengers on roller coasters and bumper cars. Rapids are up to grade III. The route is safe to paddle also for beginners with any of our guided tours.

There are three departure possibilities. Ivalon Matti, Repojoki and Kuttura. Ivalon Matti and Repojoki are good place to depart, though the official canoe route starts at Kuttura. This first section about 40 km to Kuttura is unmaintained, the river is sensitive to the water level. At low water it is much rocky and you may need to do several portages or walk beside your canoe in shallow water. Starting from Kuttura the river canyon and its outdoor infrastructure is regularly maintained. If you are willing to depart from Ivalon Matti or Repojoki you must be extra careful with your landing and overnight influences to the nature. Leave no traces behind! This concerns also occasions when you find traces of other tourers. Do not follow their example!!

As of the contract with the Parks & Wildlife Finland (Metsähallitus), we encourage you to use the designated landing places and report to us which places you used and how many overnights (i.e. two people for one night equals to two overnights at a point) or day-stops you had. Tavinsulka is paying to the PWF a contribution to the infrastructure development and maintenance according to your report. This fee concerns overnight and day stays at the free wilderness huts and fire places, which you may need to share with other fellow tourers. The free use of these facilities, included in the Everyman's Right, applies to our customers with the above condition. At some places there are separate reservation cabins as well available for separate charge. Please let us know if you wish to reserve one.

We recommend you to have your "basecamp" at Ivalo River Camping. Depending on your flight schedule you may want to spend the first and/or the last night of your tour there. You can rent a cabin or stay in your tents there for a decent price. We recommend the cabin, you are not exposed to the weather, rain for example, but it is your choice if you want at all. Please let us known if you would do so, to make the reservation for you. A night cost about 15-40 € per person.

Ivalo has large shopping mall and outdoor shop where all necessities can be bought before departure, which you may forgot or can not bring on the flight. For example food supply or gas containers.

You can follow the water level changes of Ivalojoki. The blue line is the 54 years average, the red is the actual water level.

More extensive information about Hammastunturi Wilderness Area and Ivalojoki can be read by click on the names.

If you plan to fish, you may buy the license prior your arrival here. We are sorry for the inconvenience, the page is not available at the moment in English! You may also buy the licenses after arriving in Finland, before departure.

Please note that, for our great joy, the Ivalojoki valley is mostly mobile phone free zone. You need to climb up to the top of a Tunturi to get signal.

Your reservation comes into force by paying the estimated total costs of the reservation. For invoicing, we need to know name, address, contact phone and if a company pays also the business ID.

Please understand, that if you are planning to come during the busiest season, reservations are taken in payment order. The intake of the river valley is limited.

An examplary price of equipment rental for self guided tours, for a week is 265 € / person. This includes a bench in an Indian canoe, a paddle, a paddling vest, a helmet, one 60 litres dry bag, white water surcharge and night-fees at the designated landing places. For additional days you may calculate 25 € per day per person.

Our transport services include airport shuttle from/to Ivalo airport, transport to local shopping mall, where gas containers, food supply and other necessities can be acquired, and transport of the equipment and participants to the departure point.

distance number of tourers price
Ivalo - Ivalon Matti 0 - 4 510 €
Ivalo - Ivalon Matti 5 - 12 725 €
Ivalo - Kuttura 0 - 4 460 €
Ivalo - Kuttura 5 - 12 630 €

The examplary prices calculated on the average petrol costs in 2016 September and with the condition that you exit your tour at Ivalo River Camping. For differing departure and exit points tailored transport charge applies. The transport fee is the same per group. In the table 0 passenger means, if transport is needed only for the equipment to the departure point, but participants arrive on alternative way, for example hiking. We keep the right of changing prices without further notice, when external factors force to do so.

We kindly ask you to read our general service conditions (scroll down) and special conditions on tour packages.