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Paddling season is the whole open water season, beginning in April until November.

The Service Centre is open daily in June, July and August 10am-6pm, and in other times upon agreement.

The shop of paddling gears is open 24/7/365.



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Savutuvan Apaja



Isojärvi National Park

Northern Tour (Kyyjärvi-Saarijärvi-Laukaa-JKL)

North-West Tour (Konnevesi-Laukaa-JKL)

UNESCO-Tour (Petäjävesi-Jämsä-JKL)


Keitele Channel Tour

White Water Tour

Canoe Polo

Tour Packages

On the right side you may find a list of tours we maped up in Central Finland and in Lapland for our clients. We recommend to give plenty of time for your canoe tour, that you may enjoy your time in the nature. Your canoe tour can be combined with other outdoor activities, such as bicycling, hiking, horse riding. Upon your arrival you may spend one pre- or post-tour night in one of the hotels nearby.

General Information

Tour packages starting from a couple of hours up to ten-day wilderness expedition. All of them are to be tailored for your personal needs. When you found your favourite, please contact for details.

During our guided tours we utilise the gifts of nature. We fish, collect berries and mushrooms. Raw materials we take along plenty and versatile that no fisherman's bad luck would surprise. Tavinsulka also has cooperation with local farmers along the routes for fresh ingredient supply.

While meals are designed that a taste of Finland is persented to you, in the hug of Nature any gourmet stomach will be carressed. Special needs (vegetarian, diabetic, etc) are respected too.

We expect from all our customers active participation on water, on the shore alike. Every time at landing we must set up camping, chop firewood, light fire, carry water, etc. All works are done quick, give fun and goes smooth with positive attitude and cooperation.

Every time at landing canoes and kayaks must be emptied and lifted off water that waves and wind make no dammage in them.

Tavinsulka feels responsibility for future, and contracted Parks and Wildlife Finland (Metsähallitus) , of respecting the principles of Sustainable Nature Tourism. We expect that you, as our customer respect them too!

Overnight in tent or wilderness huts using the Everyman's Right, and keeping in mind Everyman's responsibilities, is free in Finland for individual nature wonderers. As of the above described agreement with the Parks and Wildlife Finland, the maintenance fee of shelters, fire places, toilets and saunas are included in your tour fee. We ask you to report us all places where you landed for the record and also any fault in the equipment of these places for appropriate and quick action, if you find any. We kindly remind you that being a Tavinsulka customer does not secure you privilege in using the facilities.

Everyman's Right applies to our customers only with the above conditions. At some places there are separate reservation cabins as well available for an extra surcharge.

Attempt to leave no trace behind. Please carry off all waste also from places where waste management is provided.


Prices of tour packakges are depending on several factors. Guided tour is always more costy than self-guided. Transportation is also one contributive expense, in the case of one-direction tours. During a white water tour requirements towards both equipment and the guide are higher, which reflects in price. Prices on these pages are only as for example. Please, describe your wish as clear as possible and you will receive your tailored price offer.

Payment conditions

Your reservation comes in force with pre-payment of the estimated total sum of the agreed package.

Cancellation conditions: 30 days prior to departure full refund is available without charge. Between 29 to 15 days prior to departure 50% of the estimated total expenses are to be paid. Less than 15 days prior to departure the full agreed price is to be paid and no refund is available to claim.